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Effectuate means to bring about change. Effectuate Coaching is about empowering YOU to overcome the hurdles that are currently blocking you in your career, business or personal relationships. YOU already have inside you the necessary skills and attributes to make these changes happen. Effectuate Coaching will help unleash these skills and attributes and give you the confidence, clarity and motivation to instigate and embrace change.

Here at Effectuate coaching I deliver bespoke coaching for personal development, specifically designed to raise effectiveness in identified areas of your life and career. I specialise in working with leaders in business and the public sector, aiming to improve your presence, communication skills and interpersonal relationships. You will learn to take a critical look at where you are, and begin to take strategic steps to make a profound impact in how you move forward.

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“Everybody needs a coach. Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is coach — somebody who can say ‘Is that what you really meant?’ and give them perspective. The one thing people are not really good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps.”

Eric Schmidt CEO of Google


Amarjit trained as an actor at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and worked in all mediums of the industry. His journey towards coaching began when he worked with the Garnett Foundation where he facilitated development training for many organisations including the NHS, various local authorities and the Army to name but a few. He established himself as a coach after receiving rigorous training at the Centre for Coaching, which was accredited by Middlesex University. He was subsequently certified to become an Associate Member of Association for Coaching after the wealth of work he did with clients from the private and public sector His work as a professional actor has allowed him to help dozens of people with public speaking and leading presentations. His demeanour is down to earth and warm but focused entirely on the you making dynamic, strengths-focused strides forward.


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    "Sceptical about the journey ahead of me…I dived into the first session with some trepidation. Amarjit skilfully guided me through to some introspective and at some points difficult processes which have since provided me with invaluable insight and the learning I needed to enable me to re-focus myself as a leader and team player. What a great way to take stock, reflect, think and put positive pragmatic steps into place to move forward and overcome barriers in your professional career. Thank you Amarjit for your patience, guidance, support and encouragement, a journey well-travelled I’d say"

    ---- Mandeep Bhogil, Contracts Manager at HomeGroup
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    “Simply put Amarjit helped me refocus on what is truly important as a leader and as a person. With an approach that is engaging, pragmatic, insightful and genuine, he has helped get a valuable perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritising, strategic thinking, influencing and confidence”

    ---- Bruce Kaposy, Strategic Partnership Leader at Cybersource
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    I thought my first session made me think about my achievements in a defined way rather than a loose way. Even though some of what you asked touched a nerve it made me deal with things head on. I went away feeling good and actually happy and clearer than I have for a long time. I also felt a sense of release and relief that everything is going to be ok if not better, and I have not felt that in years. So thank you!!

    ---- Maria Thomas, Film Producer

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